Beech wood


Beech wood

Grand Cru hardwood pellets

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Montvel 100% beech wood pellets flavour your food with a subtle and delicate smoky taste, leaving a perfect golden colour after cooking. Meat, fish, vegetables, cheese and even desserts, all of your cravings will be elevated by this unmatched flavour.

French-made and packaged in the Allier in a recyclable cardboard box weighing 7 kg.

All our wood pellets come from French PEFC sustainably managed forests. They are manufactured using a low temperature granulation process that preserves the essence of the wood and its aromatic qualities.


Aromatic note

Sweet and subtle

Perfect match

Box weight

7 kg

Box dimensions

20x25x25 cm

Each box of 7kg ensures 14h of cooking for a classic use. Our wood pellets are compatible with all barbecues, ovens, grills and smokers with wood pellets.

100% beechwood, without bark, contains no additives, glues or binders.

Granulés de bois pellets made in France
Granulés de bois pellets de Hêtre made in France
Cuisine au Barbecue à Pellets Made in France et granulé de bois

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Beech wood

Our recipes

Roasted Figs with honey and rosemary



15 min


Montvel prime rib and potatoes with herbs

Main course


30 min


Lobster rolls and summer herb mayonnaise

Main course


45 min


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