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Hardwood pellets

French-grown and organic

Natural, wood-fired taste

Explore the possibilities in barbecue flavour hidden within our exceptional wood pellets. Unexpected, full-bodied aromas from grapevine branches, classic round flavours from beechwood, or the fruity taste of cherrywood: elevate your recipes with taste only possible from wood-fired cooking.

The best wood pellets

For your barbecue

The best barbecue requires the best pellets

From the forests of Allier to the lush woods of Normandy, these are the preserved and protected lands where we sustainably source the wood made into Montvel pellets.

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For Montvel hardwood pellets, we use surplus from the French wood industry, never adding any additives, nor glues, nor binders. The result is a perfect fuel and a 100% natural taste.

Granulés de bois pellets made in France

We manufacture all of our wood pellets using a low temperature pelletizing process to preserve the aromatic qualities of the wood and its specific flavors.

Remplissage du barbecue aux Granulés de Bois, Pellets

The manufacturing, transport and burning of our wood pellets generate a much smaller carbon footprint than charcoal, with less toxicity to your health.

Granulés de Bois, Pellets écologiques pour barbecue

Don’t wait to become a barbecue icon! All Montvel wood pellets are delivered free to your door, within 24 hours, anywhere in France.

Granulés de Bois, Pellets en livraison
Bois français
Granulés de bois pellets made in France
Remplissage du barbecue aux Granulés de Bois, Pellets
Granulés de Bois, Pellets écologiques pour barbecue
Granulés de Bois, Pellets en livraison

The best choice

Wood and food

How to choose the perfect pellets?

Explore our rich range of  aromas for a new experience in barbecue flavour.

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Perfect recipes

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How to use Montvel wood pellets?

Vidange de granulés de bois

Barbecue, your way

Want to change your pellet flavour from one recipe to another? Empty your pellet tank in a flash with our quick pellet management system. It’s never been easier to get what you want.

Remplissage du barbecue par ses granulés de bois pellets

Hours and hours of Barbecue

Each box of Montvel wood pellets equals up to 14 hours of barbecue time. Grilled meats seared on the griddle, slow-cooked, roasted or smoked dishes … you decide!

Our wood pellets

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Our wood pellets

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