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Montvel | Barbecue Design & Connecté, Smoker & Fumoir

Grill your way to gastronomy




Made to enjoy the art of grilling

Les boutons l Barbecue design et connecté
Ultra-simple ignition

Simply choose the program and temperature you wish and let your Montvel handle the rest. Our automatic system manages wood-pellet combustion for a precise and rapid rise in temperature.

Grilles et plancha l Barbecue Design & Connecté, Smoker & Fumoir
Barbecue & beyond

Grilling, searing, smoking, roasting, slowcooking: feel free to barbecue as you please with the versatility of the Montvel.

Barbecue Connecté

Stay in control

Control your barbecue on your smartphone and monitor your cooking thanks to two integrated cooking sensors. Even the most detailed recipes are perfected, time after time.

Stay in control

Control your barbecue on your smartphone and monitor your cooking thanks to two integrated cooking sensors. Even the most detailed recipes are perfected, time after time.

La praticité d'un Barbecue Design & Connecté, Smoker & Fumoir
Easy up-keep

Montvel has invented its own grease collector to prevent any risk of fire and burning, letting smoke pass through for unmatched taste. This piece is dishwasher safe (like the grills) for even more convenience.

La double paroi sécurité d'un Barbecue Design & Connecté, Smoker & Fumoir
Safety, elevated

Every Montvel barbecue is reinforced with a double wall to avoid any risk of injury.



A gem of technology

Barbecue Design

01 Multifunction

Grill, smoke, griddle... no need to choose

Experience the all-in-one barbecue with different cooking modes and a temperature range from 80 to 300°C.

Les boutons | Barbecue Design & Connecté, Smoker & Fumoir

02 All-Proof

Sturdy and practical grills

Made of inox or enamelled cast iron (your choice when customizing), cook on laser-cut, removable and dishwasher-safe French-made grids.

Les grilles | Barbecue Design & Connecté, Smoker & Fumoir

03 Built-in griddle

Perfect sear, at your fingertips

Add to the joy of wood-pellet grilling with a griddle that rises quickly to temperature, with a choice between inox or enamelled cast iron.

La plancha | Barbecue Design & Connecté, Smoker & Fumoir

04 The Montvel Seal

The testimony of French know-how

The Montvel barbecue combines tradition and modernity for an unmatched ease-of-use and exceptional performance.

Plaque du Barbecue à Pellets Made in France

The new barbecue experience


Discover, test, taste

Barbecue ouvert | Barbecue Design & Connecté, Smoker & Fumoir, haut de gamme & luxe

Barbecue with no limits

The Montvel app

Take control

Montvel: the smart barbecue

With the Montvel application, setting a timer, regulating a temperature, or following the grilling process becomes effortless. And for even more simplicity, discover a feature never done before in BBQ: step-by-step recipes.

Barbecue design pilotable via smartphone
Lobster rolls au barbecue


Fulfill your craving

Simply select the recipe of your choice and grab the ingredients- that’s the hardest part!

Barbecue Connecté


Ignite your Montvel barbecue

The Montvel application sends instructions directly to the barbecue to perfectly adjust its temperature, its cooking mode and its duration according to the chosen recipe. Let yourself be guided.

Moment de convivialité l Barbecue Design & Connecté, Smoker & Fumoir


Enjoy your guests

No need to leave the party. The Montvel application manages temperature control and cooking all at once, alerting you when your dish is ready.

The Montvel mobile application: All about the barbecue

Simplify wood-fire cooking with the Montvel app: access step-by-step recipes, video tutorials, advice from pro chefs- you can even create your own original recipes and share them with your fellow grillers!

Maintenance and cleaning


Upkeep without the keep

Barbecue rangements ouverts


Flavour swap in a flash

Montvel’s patented system allows the pellet tank to be filled and emptied automatically, making it even easier to use.


Load the dishwasher!

Grease and ashes are emptied into two dishwasher-safe containers, just like the grates and the grease collection system.


Everything in its place

Spacious storage inside the barbecue allows you to easily store cooking probes, accessories, side shelves and all of your favorite utensils.


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Poids 150 kg

Dimensions L89 cm x l77 cm x h130 cm

Alimentation électrique 220-240V

Capture d’écran 2022-11-25 à 14.41.15

Double paroi intégrale et laine isolante haute performance – sécurité et isolation

Double sonde de cuisson intégrée

Grilles & Plancha
IMG_7779 (1)

Découpe laser

Lavables au lave-vaisselle

Dimensions L50cm x l25cm x h0.5 cm

Rangement intégré dans le barbecue

Capture d’écran 2022-11-25 à 15.21.42

Plancha électrique 1800W

Découpe laser

Dimensions L50cm x l25cm x h0.5 cm


Simplicité d’utilisation

Boutons de commande ergonomiques et intuitifs

Design inspiré des pianos de cuisson ancestraux


Pilotage à distance : régler la température de cuisson, programmer un minuteur, suivre sa cuisson et bien d’autres fonctionnalités

Sondes connectées

Recettes guidées, tutos, conseils de chefs

Bac à gras

Cendres et graisses sont évacuées dans des bacs qui passent au lave-vaisselle

Capture d’écran 2022-11-25 à 15.20.16

Fond du creuset amovible pour évacuer les cendres en toute simplicité

Our barbecue


The perfect barbecue, by Montvel

Packshot sarment de vigne bio

Our wood pellets


Grand cru wood pellets

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