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Exploring the Benefits and Mechanics of Pellet Barbecues: A Comprehensive Guide

By Montvel 08.06.22

The ideal weekend companion in the garden or even better near the pool, the pellet barbecue offers wonderful moments of conviviality with family or friends and unparalleled flavors. Americans understood this as early as the 1970s, when charcoal no longer seemed as fabulous as it was made out to be.

Smoker, slow cooking, and selected temperature, the pellet barbecue offers so many different options! But how can one fully appreciate it with both sophisticated and childishly simple recipes? To do that, one must understand its advantages and operation!

Advantages of the Pellet Barbecue

The pellet barbecue, also known as a pellet grill, is a cooking device that offers numerous possibilities for cooking, smoking, roasting, grilling, and more. It stands out as the most versatile barbecue on the market. The most complete models offer even more interesting options.

Different Cooking Methods with the Pellet Barbecue

Unlike other types of barbecues, such as charcoal, gas, or electric grills, the pellet barbecue offers its users a variety of possibilities. This allows for organizing either an exceptional meal or a totally improvised one, pleasing guests regardless of their tastes and cooking and flavor preferences.

Cooking to Perfection

While cooking might seem straightforward on most barbecues, this is far from the case. For example, charcoal barbecues tend to char the surface of foods without cooking them inside properly, leading to less than desirable taste experiences. Not to mention, this charring and the smoke it produces can pose a health risk.

In contrast, with a pellet grill, the cooking is uniform and to each person’s liking. This is due to the good distribution of heat in the cooking chamber, across the entire grill, and both at the top and bottom.

This is complemented by perfect temperature control, which is also reached quickly upon ignition and adjustable as desired. Moreover, the pellet barbecue does not require constant supervision while the meat or other foods cook and develop their flavors.


Wood pellets, especially those of different types, such as cherry, provide an exceptional smoked taste. During their combustion, they release aromas that evenly permeate the food.

This smoking method resembles what barbecue and smoker enthusiasts across the Atlantic seek, with different flavors depending on the wood type. This way, it’s possible to vary the tastes to please all guests, offering a more interesting and flavorful experience than charcoal barbecues, which mostly offer strong but charred scents.


Like all other types of barbecues, wood pellet grills allow for grilling meat, fish, and vegetables to give them that special barbecue essence.

Additionally, this type of cooking promotes a diet that is grilled but not charred, offering numerous possibilities for meat that requires consistent cooking while providing the subtle taste of grilling, and a wide range of recipes.


Roasting, traditionally done in an oven, involves cooking a large piece of meat, often with vegetables, with little or no fat.

Therefore, roasting requires perfect temperature control, a feature of the pellet barbecue. Its smoker – or more precisely, the cooking chamber – acts like an oven, allowing food to release and blend their juices and flavors for even more taste pleasure, without the need to add fat. Spices and other seasonings develop their power and blend beautifully with the different wood pellet essences, inviting creativity.

White meats (pork, veal) roast perfectly at 150 to 200°C, while red meats require more heat, between 200 to 250°C. With a pellet grill, this is even simpler!

Low and Slow Cooking

Barbecue enthusiasts seek both the performance of their equipment in terms of flavor, and its possibilities for homemade cooking. For this, low-temperature cooking (ranging from 75 to 120°, for example) and slow cooking appeal to those who want to prepare a barbecue with love and time. For a lunch in the garden, one must rise relatively early and plan for 3 to 4 hours of cooking depending on the weight of the meat (ask your butcher for advice to avoid mistakes).

The best example of this cooking method is undoubtedly pulled pork, so famous in the United States. If you miss the American way of cooking this meat, you can achieve it with a pellet barbecue! Of course, other meats, especially large cuts, can also undergo the low and slow process, like lamb shoulder, beef brisket, or Easter lamb.

Whole Meat Pieces Love It

As seen in the advantages above, the pellet grill is particularly suited to large cuts of meat. The cooking will be uniform, facilitated by the cooking chamber that leaves no square inch unattended.

But small grills and thin slices, as well as delicate vegetables and fish, also find their place with this equipment, thanks to the control of temperatures.

"The pellet barbecue, also known as a pellet grill, is a cooking device that offers numerous possibilities for low-temperature cooking, smoking, roasting, grilling, and more. It thus stands out as the most versatile barbecue on the market."

How Does a Pellet Barbecue Work?

Just like the pellet stove you might use for heating, the pellet grill works in the same way! Let’s take a closer look:

  • You fill the pellet container (called a hopper), which generally can hold the equivalent of a bag of pellets.
  • An auger lifts the pellets from the container into the combustion chamber.
  • The heat spreads throughout the cooking chamber thanks to the intake fans.
  • To adjust the temperature to the exact degree, the necessary amount of pellets entering the system is automatically managed by the internal computer.
  • Finally, you simply set or program the desired temperature.

This simple operation is among the factors that convince users to opt for this type of device, which skillfully combines versatility, ideal cooking, and practicality.

In Summary

The pellet barbecue allows you to:

  • Cook meat evenly
  • Barbecue whole pieces of meat
  • Grill without charring
  • Roast perfectly
  • Do low and slow cooking
  • Control the temperature at all times
  • Smoke meat with flavors from the types of wood used
  • Cook all types of food

However, depending on the model, other options are available, such as an integrated plancha (griddle), temperature sensor, and for technology and performance enthusiasts, integrated connectivity and a programming system. This is what the Montvel pellet barbecue offers, among other innovations, some of which are unique in the market.

Furthermore, the Montvel barbecue is currently the only one to offer its customers aesthetic customization of their barbecue before ordering, with a wide variety of colors. Its design, reminiscent of a kitchen range, and the quality of the materials make it an exceptional and aesthetically pleasing object, as well as a high-end outdoor cooking equipment.

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